C.A.T.S. Testversion 2018.2 V25e

(download with icon on the right)

runs on: AutoCAD/ADT/MEP 2015-2018 and Bricscad V18.2


  • First steps with C.A.T.S. Software


  • C.A.T.S. 2018.2/64 bit V25e for AutoCAD 2015-2018 and BricsCAD V18.2 

Including trades: Ventilation, Sprinkler, Piping, Electrical



  • C.A.T.S. 2018.2/64 sprinkler calculation for Windows 






3rd Party Products


  • BricsCAD V18.2 Eng (x64)

           Please click on the icon to the right. You will be redirected to Bricsys'             homepage. There you can download the free trialversion.